About us

Everything you need to know about Hidro-tek.

Hidro-tek is a company that works with production, manufacture, installation and servicing of all types of hydraulic and pneumatic installations. For 20 years we are present at domestic market and cooperate with all business entities that possess mechanical equipment or machinery, construction companies, companies dealing with activities of public and communal sphere, shipping companies and others.

Apart from making the hoses by order, also dealing with the distribution of raw materials to several companies that deal with related activities. For all hydraulic components such as hoses and fittings, pumps, motors, control valves, filters and filter assemblies, fluid drives, hydrostatic motors, oil reservoirs, oil coolers, call us. Finished products are attested on the test machine for testing the working pressure, which further guarantee quality and reliability of manufactured products.


Service 1

Hydraulic hoses, wired with one, two, four and six strings, made complete with couplings in sizes from 3/16 "and up to 3"

Service 2

Hoses and steel tubes for hydraulic brakes in the automotive industry (complete program)

Service 3

Dedicated hoses for industry, in various sizes in accordance with the standards for their application: transfer of water, transfer of steam, transfer of fuel, for food industry, transfer of Chemicals , abrasion resistance

Service 4

Complete assortment of O-rings, cuff and cuff sets of hydraulics in all dimensions, with complete service for repair of cylinders.

Within our assortment, we manufacture hydraulic hoses from the program INTERLOCK, used in severe working conditions in mines, quarries..., where hoses serving extremely high pressures and high resistance to abrasion are needed.

Official distributors in Rep. of Macedonia for programme of